Sea of Cortez l, ll, and lll
Name of product: Sea of Cortez l, ll, and lll
Artist name: Francis Morgan 
Category: Original, hand-printed limited edition serigraph; all three prints (5 colors) 
Size: 20" x 25" each
Price: USD$597 for the set
Shipping: USD$9 for the set (can be matted and shipped flat for an additional charge; if interested, please inquire)
% to Charity: 30%

Product Availability: In Stock, Ships In One Week

About This Artist 
Francis Morgan studied at Swansea College of Art, then Newport College of Art and Design, Wales, where he learned screen printing from master screen printer Haydn Pugh and earned a degree in Graphic Design. He works from his home studio in Tucson, Arizona. Learn more about Francis.